SepiaGreen | a new blog for book reviews

A new blog has been added to the suite of mrbbaskerville’s blogs, for posting and discussions on reviews of books, journal articles and so on.  The new blog is called SepiaGreen, and there is a link to SepiaGreen in the top right hand corner of this page under the heading ‘Go to my other blogs’.  The name reflects my interests in cultural (sepia) and natural (green) history and heritage.

The banner image, shown below, is a photograph of the beautiful translucent marbled inside cover of a copy of a book containing speeches and addresses given by Prince Albert that was published in London in 1862 and presented by Queen Victoria to the University of Sydney.


The review of David Phillips’ book, Emblems of the Indian States (2011), formerly a page attached to this blog, has been transferred to SepiaGreen.